Lady Anne Grimston

There is a Massive Tree Growing Out of the Grave of Lady Anne Grimston

Lady Anne Grimston and the tree grave is in St Peter’s Church in Tewin, England. Not much is known about Lady Anne Grimston and her life or the family history. She came from an affluent family and lived comfortably. She was not a religious person and therefore she claimed that she did not believe in God, Heaven or Hell. She allegedly made a remark that if, indeed, God Almighty was out there and listening, that a tree would grow and tear apart the grave. She died in 1780 and was buried in St Peter’s Church graveyard in Tewin, England, in a marble tomb surrounded by an iron fence.

After Grimston’s death and burial, a number of the years went with no incidences reported. On the other hand, at some point folks began to notice that a small tree had taken root and was starting to grow up around her tomb, as well as growing through it. In fact, the small tree cracked the tomb’s lid and overtook the grave. As the tree grew, it began entwining itself and all but became one with the grave. On many occasions the caretakers of the graveyard made attempts to fix the tomb’s lid. First, they replaced it. When that did not stop the tree’s growth, they tried patching the lid with cement. It did not, however, deter the tree, which continued to grow against all odds.

There has been great debate among Tewin residents as to what kind of tree actually grows over Grimston’s grave. Some say it is a cedar while others believe it to be an ash or sycamore. Today the tree has four trunks and is extremely huge. It is thought to be one of the oldest and largest trees in England, being at least 200 years old.

How did a tiny, weak sapling break through marble and an iron fence to become a astonishingly enormous tree? It would boggle the mind and be unbelievable if there were not pictures to prove this anomaly. Believers in the paranormal have described the tree as circling the tomb as though it were a door opening into another world.

Who was Lady Anne Grimston? Why her grave? It just seems totally impossible to accept it as the truth. Even after viewing the pictures, it is a far-fetched sight.

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